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The Most Terrifing Natural Disaster Footage

The Most Terrifing Natural Disaster Footage

There are many words to describe nature. Awesome. Awe inspiring. Incredible. But sometimes those words don’t seem appropriate. Sometimes, it feels more appropriate to use words like “HOLY CRAP!” “WHAT THE HELL” and “DEAR MOTHER OF GOD.” That’s because every now and then nature does things that it’s hard to describe without yelling religious obscenities. Things like tornados. Things like earthquakes. And especially things like tidal waves. Here’s a collection of some of the most terrifying natural disaster footage ever caught on tape.

Tornado vs Train

So if you ever want evidence of the awesomely destructive power of nature—here it is. This, my friends, is a tornado ripping a freight train clean off its track. That’s right, something that is, in essence, made of wind, picks up a train and turns it upside down like it’s a toy.  And what’s more, the whole thing is shot from some kind of train-cam, presumably in place just to capture moments of absolutely increditude (yes, we had to make up a word just to express how we felt about this footage) like this.

Glacier Fall

One of the most dangerous things about nature is that is can always surprise you. Just when you think you’re watching one of the slowest phenomena in the natural world – a Glacier moving – you suddenly find yourself swept away by a massive frozen wave. Considering how hard it hits the tourist group in this video, it seems amazing that nobody died. It just goes to show you can’t turn your back on this planet for a second.

Fire Tornado

Okay, so, in this case, "awesome" might actually be the right word. Do you know what that is? Do you know what that is? It’s a tornado on fire. On fire. That’s right, something that you thought could only happen if you pressed the right combination of buttons when playing as Dhalsim in Street Fighter (or, as the top commenter says, got your Charizard to level 46), can actually happen in real life. Except in this case, there’s no supernatural stuff involved—it’s just the result of a particularly strong, particularly dry wind passing over a burning field. Now, do you know what we wanna see? FIRE TORNADO VS TRAIN!

What's the craziest naturally occurring thing you've ever seen in person?

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