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The Coolest Sharks of All Time

Cookiecutter Shark

All right, back to the freaky demon sharks. The cookiecutter is small, only about 22 inches in length, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in madness. Cookiecutters latch onto bigger fish, like tuna or marlins, using the suction grip of their distinctive mouths. Then comes the really creepy part. Using their bandsaw-like lower jaws, these freaky parasites cut a perfectly round chunk out of their victims. Once completed, they detach, having procured their noms. They are named after the neat, circular holes they leave in their prey. They are even bold enough to feed on great whites! You'd expect the 20-foot shark to be the one feeding on the 20-inch shark, but nature is a crazy weirdo, and she loves to invert stereotypes.

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