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Watch This Guy ACTUALLY Build Zelda's Sword!

Watch This Guy ACTUALLY Build Zelda's Sword!

Okay, internet. It's over! Good work, but we've officially found the greatest video/video series on the world wide web of all time, EVAR. It's called "Man at Arms," and it's about a blacksmith who makes swords. Not only does he make swords, which is cool enough as is, but he makes imaginary swords into real swords, BY REQUEST. He also made Wolverine's claws. And Captain America's shield. Basically, this is the video series you've been waiting your entire life for.

And now, he's made Zelda's sword. FULLY FUNCTIONING. Watch. This. Now.

We had some thoughts whilst watching this:
- We would watch a full half hour version of this show. We'd watch an hour long show version... who are we kidding? We'd camp out in this guy's blacksmith shop and help him melt bronze for free!
- Sand casting = could explode. Good to know.
- "Technically you're not supposed to be able to forge bronze." But, technically, you're a demi-god of metallurgy, apparently.
- Sand mold doesn't explode! Another sword, another near death experience.
- Whoa, WAIT A SECOND. Just realized THIS GUY ISN'T WEARING GLOVES. Respect. That's an incredibly irresponsible and chancy move to take for someone who makes their living using their hands which is easily remedied by simply putting on a pair of gloves. But... respect.
- Please say that once they put the sword together, they actually use it.
- O. M. G. They're slicing things with Link's sword. We're running away from home and becoming blacksmiths. Today.

Ah, you guys. Too much awesomeness. Time for a nap.

What weapon would you want to see Man at Arms make?

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