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Every Doctor Regeneration in ONE VIDEO

Every Doctor Regeneration in ONE VIDEO

Seeing as how we're going to be dealing with a loss in the family very soon (HANKIES OUT), we thought it would be appropriate to revisit some of the regenerations of the past. Like, ALL OF THEM. In one video. If you're the sentimental type, this might be difficult for you, but it's also entertaining and informative. Hold on to your bow-ties and fezzes. We're about to watch some Doctors get obliterated!

Some observations:
- Are we sure that William Hartnell was 55 when he started as the Doctor? Because he looks about 600 in that clip.
- Patrick Troughton shows us what it would look like if Moe from The Three Stooges ever regenerated.
- Okay... I know Troughton is a fan favorite, but his scenery chewing is really disconcerting. Especially creepy: his reading of the line "Stop! You're making me giddy!" >>SHUDDER<<
- John Pertwee's death was so dignified and subtle! Less Doctor Who, and more Jane Austen.
- Is The Watcher an alien being from another planet? Or just a guy who's super into covering himself in wet toilet paper? We may never know!
- Ooh, Colin Baker. Cheeky Doctor!
- Sylvester McCoy continues the grand tradition of "face acting" as he transforms into Paul McGann.
- Christopher Eccleston affirms what we all already knew: "Fantastic" is a really dumb catchphrase.
- David Tennant. David Tennant. DAVID TENNANT!
- And... Geronimo!

Which was your favorite/least favorite regeneration?

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