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The 8 Most Hilarious Iron Man Villains

The 8 Most Hilarious Iron Man Villains

While Robert Downey, Jr. is signed on to do Avengers 2 and 3, it doesn't look like he's going to be reappearing in a selfie very soon. There is a possibility of a fourth film that Iron Man 3 director Shane Black and Downey have both teased at, but they both agreed that it's a ways out. If he does return, Iron Man is going to need to have a new kind of villain to fight—because, to be honest, they've all been guys in suits (except for Whiplash in Iron Man 2, but secondary villain Justin Hammer in that installment still counts). Unfortunately, the reason Marvel's been using Iron Man's more reserved villains is that the not-so-reserved are often kind of hilarious. Here we've gathered some of the stranger members of Iron Man's rogues gallery.

Fin Fang Foom - Fin Fang Foom was created by Stan Lee for Strange Tales, a monster comic in the '60s. He's basically an alien dragon that resembles Chinese dragons, and he came to Earth to conquer it but ended up sleeping for thousands of years. He can shape-shift, possess other people's bodies, and shoot acid mist from his mouth. Is he a vague symbol for the threat of industrialist China? We have no idea.

Gargantus - Gargantus is an alien robot built to look like a Neanderthal. He has lightbulb eyes that can hypnotize people. Appearing as Iron Man's second villain ever, Gargantus was sent by aliens who thought humans still looked like Neanderthals to invade the Earth. So of course, the first thing Gargantus does is hypnotize everyone in the city he lands in to build a wall around it.

Griffin - When agents of the Secret Empire capture small-time crook Johnny Horton, they do what any badguys would do; make him into a super-criminal by grafting wings and claws and fur and scales on to him, making him resemble a mythological griffin.

Minotaur - While we're talking about mythological creature-villains (which seem a weird sort of villain to throw against Iron Man, a hero whose powers are purely technological), let us introduce you to Minotaur. This guy was suffering from an incurable disease, so his Dad--being a loving father lucky enough to find some mystery chemical in the ruins of a maze--made him the Minotaur. Like, the actual Minotaur.

Mister Doll - It's pretty simple; he's a guy with a voodoo doll and a hat that makes him look like a frill-necked lizard. He has a li'l voodoo doll he can mold into anybody and then cause extreme pain to that person. Plus, his name is really freaking masculine.

Unicorn - As far as intimidating animals go, Batman and Spider-Man have it better than Unicorn, who started out as a guy with a brow-mounted power horn on his suit and ended up with a third eye that can shoot power beams. Which is about as intimidating as someone can get, considering their costumed career is based on a creature that can only be captured by a virgin and symbolizes purity and grace.

Whirlwind - Whirlwind sounds cool, and even in more recent issues looks cool, but when we take a gander at his original costume, we have to laugh. His helmet looks like a missile's butt. Also, consider that his one power is spinning very, very fast.

The Termite - An unsuccessful sculptor who turns out to be a mutant, the Termite's disintegration powers would be somewhat cool if it weren't for his headgear, which makes him look not so much like a termite as a relative of the aliens from Toy Story.

Which bad guy do you think is the most hilarious?

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