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These Perfumes Are For GEEKS ONLY!

By Lisa Granshaw Aug 9, 2013

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Ted Barrial


The RPG Series

Gamers rejoice! You can now smell like your role-playing character with the help of BPAL’s RPG series. This collection offers scents in four categories: races, classes, alignment, and adventuring gear. According to Elizabeth Barrial, co-owner of BPAL, this series is meant to emulate the character creation process of pen and paper RPGs. Scents are meant to be layered in the same order in which you’d create your character: class, race, and then two fragrances that make up your alignment.

We had the chance to test some of these fragrances and the Rogue perfume was our favorite from the lot. The scent composed of soft, well-worn black leather, hemp and rosi definitely beat out the scent of Orc (composed of field grey courgette musk, roughly cured leather, and vetiver).

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