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QUIZ: Which Summer Blockbuster Are You?

QUIZ: Which Summer Blockbuster Are You?

We love movies because we can appreciate the characters and connect with them on a personal level. Even if the plot doesn’t directly relate, we always find ways to interpret a movie’s message as a reflection of our own lives. Really, the only thing we don’t understand about movies is that weird opening scene when the rollercoaster full of popcorn rides past the bathrooms and tells us to turn our phones off, but then never shows up again later in the film? Other than that, cinema is fun to relate to. And now, by taking this short quiz, you can find out which summer 2013 blockbuster most closely relates back to you!

1. Which word best describes you?
A. Extravagant
B. Fast and/or furious
C. Super
D. Iron and/or man
E. Spacey
F. Epic
G. Lonely

2. How would you describe your best friend?
A. An Enigma
B. My car
C. My alter ego
D. A computer butler made to serve me
E. Out of this world
F. Loyal and protective
G. A white Native American

3. What is your dream vacation spot?
B. Indianapolis 500
C. Another Planet
D. Turtle Wax Emporium
E. A galaxy where I can go ten minutes with having to set the damn phaser to stun
F. Camp David
G. Wicky wicky wild wild west!

What lesson would you like to teach the world?
A. Life is misery. Everyone dies.
B. Go fast, take chances.
C. You can overcome all obstacles! (as long as you’re a superior being whose more powerful than everyone else and physically incapable of failure)
D. Despite past rudeness, there’s always time to win peoples’ affection through money and fame
E. All your problems can be solved by lasers
F. Barrack Obama really IS the coolest president ever
G. There’s nothing wrong with wearing ridiculous costumes outside of Halloween

What’s your idea of awesome?
A. A bumpin soundtrack
B. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
C. Teaching mankind to hope. And also a comfortable pair of tights.
D. A man made of iron… duhhh
E. That question is illogical.
G. Feathers and makeup

What is your public persona?
A. Popular
B. Gear Head
C. Righteous
D. Techie
E. Nerd
F. Adventurous
G. Cowboy

What’s your favorite subject in school?
A. English
B. Shop Class
C. Gym
D. Economics
E. Astrology
F. US History
G. Horses and Things That Are Not Horses

Now check your results….

If you answered mostly A’s, you are The Great Gatsby!
You’re high-class and high-maintenance with a sort of intriguing persona that people are innately drawn to. You live an extravagant lifestyle and know how to show your friends a good time. Under the surface, however, you have much more internal turmoil than what people initially realize... like a folk song!

If you answered mostly B’s, you are Fast 6!
You’re breakneck and adventurous! You live for the thrill of life and don’t let anything get in your way of enjoying that (including laws and sometimes physics). Some people may call you reckless, but that’s simply not true… you get into plenty of exciting wrecks!

If you answered mostly C’s, you are Man of Steel!
Goodness you are good! You’re so good that when people address you, they begin by saying “goodness!” You live by an incorruptible moral code (mostly) that is admired by most and annoying to many. Really though, just jaywalk every once and a while, okay? Also, kneel before Zod.

If you answered mostly D’s, you are Iron Man 3!
Like the people who answered mostly C’s, you are also heroic… but in a much edgier way. You’ll help an old lady cross the street by throwing her like a football. You’ll rescue a cat from a tree by ripping the tree from the ground. You save New York City from alien invasion by destroying New York City. But whatever the method, you get the job done and you look good while doing it.

If you answered mostly E’s, you are Star Trek Into Darkness!
Let’s face it; you’re a nerd. But not just any nerd… you’re the ultimate nerd! You have all the classic nerd interests revamped and reenergized for the modern era! But don’t hide from it! Take pride. Embrace it, live long, and prosper!

If you answered mostly F’s, you are White House Down!
You are a classic American! A big explosion causing, terrorist fighting, hot chick winning, tank top wearing, biceps bulging, president protecting, gun toting, red blooded American! Like a modern-day Rambo but without all the crying because you can’t misspell American without MAN!

If you answered mostly G’s, you are The Lone Ranger!
You're a rebel without a cause except for the part where you actually have a really good cause. Also, you're a LONE ranger even though the entire story is told by a best friend who never leaves your side. People hate you, because they fear you, because you're a very bad movie. Now go hit the showers and wash that white makeup off your face, champ!

Which movie are you?

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