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A Musical Genius Wrote a Mario Brothers Opera!

A Musical Genius Wrote a Mario Brothers Opera!

"How is it that this is JUST NOW happening?!" You are asking yourself out loud in a crowded Forever 21. First, leave the store. Everyone is upset at you. Second, WE KNOW! It's ridiculous that it took someone this long to think of it! But they did, and it's a real thing. The composer's name is Jonathan Mann, and he is better known for his "Song a Day" project which he started in 2009. Now, he's got a full-fledged opera about everyone's favorite fictional, Italian plumber, Mario. BEHOLD, a video of its musical awesomeness:

We're pretty sure that this song is sung by Mario to Princess Peach. That seems like the appropriate tone of longing and agony that we've always pictured Mario having as he hits bricks with his head and stomps on mushroom-shaped bad guys.

If you happen to be in New York City THIS SATURDAY (the 17th) you can see a one time, stripped down revival of the opera for only $15! Click here for more info on the opera, and click here to get tickets to the New York City show.

What video game do you want to see turned into an opera?

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