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Check Out This Trailer for "The Star Wars" Comic

Check Out This Trailer for "The Star Wars" Comic

Since April, news has gradually been trickling in about publisher Dark Horse’s upcoming The Star Wars comic book, an adaptation of George Lucas’ initial draft for A New Hope. Having made major waves this past weekend, Dark Horse released a one-minute trailer showcasing beta versions of some of our favorite characters from the franchise, as well as what to expect from the eight-issue limited series. Warning: It’s both awesome and wonderfully weird at the same time!

- @0:01 “Longer ago, in a galaxy even farther away” is just a more compelling way of saying “Forty years ago, in George Lucas’s mom's basement.”

- @0:04 A Luke Skywalker less likely to whine about Tosche Station or power convertors.

- @0:07 You’d cry too if an R2 unit rolled over your foot.

- @0:08 They got Annikin all wrong! He looks nothing like the kid from Jingle All the Way!

- @0:11 Don’t ask him about the scar... Don’t ask him about the scar... So, Lord Vader, about that—dang it!

- @0:13 Man, George must've been hitting the Swamp Thing comics hard at the time of the draft’s writing.

- @0:13 Hopefully Han Solo and Leia don’t hook up in The Star Wars because, yeesh, heaven help their kids...

- @0:25 For all we know the Millennium Falcon was probably called the Decade Albatross at first.

- @0:26 Fun-size Star Destroyers?

- @0:27 After recovering from a near-fatal plunge into a vat of bleach, Green Lantern nemesis Sinestro reforms and becomes a politician.

- @0:28 Please, please, please let Porkins be in that cockpit!

- @0:29 Looks like the Empire let a bunch of blind Jawas build the Death Star.

- @0:31 “And coming soon, a comic book adaptation of George Lucas’ first draft for American Graffiti!”

The Star Wars hits comic store shelves September 4th!

What movie would you like to see the earliest draft of?

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