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12 Life Lessons We Learned from Dinosaurs

Leave the World Better than You Found It

Dinosaurs profoundly affected the wonderful world we live in today. They kept our early ancestors on their toes, enriched the Earth with their bodies, and left their bones for us to mull over. They may not have consciously tried to leave the planet better, but regardless of intent, they succeeded in doing so. Meanwhile, humans do have the ability to consciously leave the world better than we found it, but we mostly chuck that obligation out the window onto the highway shoulder. Let's not do that! Becoming the architects of our own doom would be so embarrassing, and not at all as epic as being taken out by a comet-assassin. What better way to honor the legacy of our favorite extinct animals than by learning from their example, and prospering for millions of years to come?

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Becky Ferreira

Becky Ferreira is a writer, performer, and raptor based in New York.

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