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12 Life Lessons We Learned from Dinosaurs

Don't Underestimate the Little Guy

In the late Cretaceous, a tough lady T-Rex was struggling to get by. She finally drew her last breath at 28-years-old, and was quickly covered with mud and water which preserved her body. In the year 1990, her remains were discovered by Sue Hendrickson, and the Rex was thereafter affectionately named Sue. She now has her own hilarious Twitter account and is admired daily at the Chicago Field Museum.

But what ultimately killed Sue off all those years ago? Multiple holes on in her skull provide us with telltale clues. For many years, these holes were assumed to have been bite punctures from other Rexes, but it's more likely that Sue was felled by a bacterial infection called trichomonosis. Sue may have picked the parasite when feeding, only to have it feed on her. This goes to show that even the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex can be killed by something as simple as a microbe. The lesson? Never underestimate anyone based on their looks or background — they may have surprising talents beneath a humble exterior.

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