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New Divergent Footage For Your EYEBALLS

New Divergent Footage For Your EYEBALLS

The VMAs brought us so much this year. Black and white stripe-suited perverts. The shadow of Kanye West. Some oldies band called "In Sink." And, most importantly, BRAND NEW FOOTAGE FROM DIVERGENT! In case you missed it, we've got the goods right here, right now. So strap it in, you guys and pick a faction!

Our thoughts? So glad you asked!
- Holy HUH? Kate Winslet? Her American accent is so amazing we thought this was vintage footage of a pre-White House Hilary Clinton!
- "Why would I be nervous? I'm only the heroine of a dystopian YA movie... what could possibly go wrong?"
- Also, when we get to the REAL future can we make sure, no matter how dystopian it is, that we invest in some fabric other than one of five shades of grey? Somebody get on that. Volunteers?
- If you wanna survive, follow the impossibly hunky guy with the perpetual five o'clock shadow. Seems legit.
- Fun fact: there's a 30 minute unseen "bonus footage" scene from The Descendants of Shailene Woodley just beating the crap out of George Clooney.
- They cut away from the tattoos right before they show his Hello Kitty ink.
- That knife throwing scene seems awfully familiar. Hmm. Suddenly I'm hungry for regionally specific bread.

This looks epic-er than epic! We can't wait!

What do you think of the new Divergent footage?

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