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Video of Pokémon Going Old School in "Pocket Monsters: The Origin"

Video of Pokémon Going Old School in "Pocket Monsters: The Origin"

It’s almost hard to believe that Pokémon has been around for 18 years, and it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Plenty has changed since its debut, but last week Japan’s Pokémon Game Show 2013 announced that the anime would be going back to its roots with a special entitled Pocket Monsters: The Origin. Divorced entirely from the series starring Ash “Dropout” Ketchum and Pikachu, The Origin is a self-contained adaptation of the original Green and Red Versions from 1995. See the trailer for yourself!

@0:01 Kicking off the trailer with some ‘90s nostalgia? You’re doing it right!

@0:13 We have no idea what the announcer just said, but it’s likely awesome.

@0:18 Is it sad that we can name all those silhouetted Pokémon?

@0:20 “Is that an actual Pokédex? That's so—it’s... it’s entirely blank. Gee whiz...”

@0:27 Aren’t the Pokémon supposed to do the fighting?

@0:30 Brock keeps his Pokémon hidden in a wall. Brock is cool like that.

@0:35 That moment when you realize you should’ve went with Bulbasaur or Squirtle.

@0:41 What is it with anime and that congratulatory shoulder touch?

@0:44 Probably more awesome stuff we don’t understand.

@0:53 Hydro Pump it up in this joint!

@0:57 Now that’s just stupid, letting a fire type Pokémon go for a swim. Think next time!

@1:01 What?! It’s over? No, we want more!

Pocket Monsters: The Origin airs in Tokyo, Japan on October 2nd, with no official word yet on a U.S. release.

Which Pokémon game is your favorite?

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