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QUIZ: How Well Do YOU Know Firefly?

QUIZ: How Well Do YOU Know Firefly?

Firefly is pretty much the most awesome show ever. Sure, it didn't last nearly as long as... well, practically every other show out there, but its 14 episodes are pure excellence from start to finish. Those of us who count ourselves among the Browncoat faithful understand this, and love every chance to talk about the sci-fi masterpiece that was Firefly. But how does one really measure their fandom? By trivia contests, of course! We've compiled this list of questions that will seriously test your Firefly and Serenity knowledge. Pencils at the ready!

1. Which episode is the only time in the entire series that Shepherd Book speaks Mandarin?
A.) "Objects in Space"
B.) "Our Mrs. Reynolds"
C.) "War Stories"
D.) "The Train Job"

2. Which member of the Serenity crew has a gun called Vera?
A.) Jayne Cobb
B.) Malcolm Reynolds
C.) Zoe Washburne
D.) River Tamm

3. What was the ship Serenity named after?
A.) A lake near Captain Mal's childhood home
B.) A deceased sibling of the captain
C.) The captain's home planet
D.) A major battle in the War of Unification

4. Which of this is NOT a known alias of Captain Reynolds' wife?
A.) Clementine
B.) Bridget
C.) Saffron
D.) Yolanda

5. The bounty hunter Jubal Early is named after which historical figure?
A.) A famous scientist
B.) A Civil War general
C.) A real-life bounty hunter
D.) A sandwich

6. What kind of fruit does Shepard Book give Kaylee upon joining the crew of Serenity in the pilot?
A.) Banana
B.) Apple
C.) Grapes
D.) Strawberry

7. Which episode is the only one in which River Tamm doesn't have any lines?
A.) Our Mrs. Reynolds
B.) Heart of Gold
C.) Bushwhacked
D.) Shindig

8. Which two episodes feature Mark Shepherd as Badger?

A.) Serenity & The Train Job
B.) War Stories & Shindig
C.) Serenity & Shindig
D.) Heart of Gold & War Stories

9. What is the name of the broken part that causes almost the entire crew to abandon ship in "Out of Gas"?
A.) Starboard thruster
B.) Fusion battery
C.) Exhaust manifold
D.) Port compression coil

10. What is the name of the planet that originated the Reavers?
A.) Shadow
B.) Miranda
C.) Ariel
D.) New Melbourne

11. What is Wash's real first name?

A.) Hoban
B.) Toby
C.) Brian
D.) Manny

12. Who is the only main cast member not to appear in all 14 episodes?
A.) Wash
B.) Jayne
C.) Simon
D.) Shepherd Book

13. Which of these folks did NOT write an episode of Firefly?
A.) Jane Espenson
B.) Brett Matthews
C.) David Solomon
D.) Tim Minear

14. Which future star had one of his first roles as the young Simon in "Ariel"?
A.) Zac Efron
B.) Justin Bieber
C.) Kellan Lutz
D.) Taylor Lautner

15. Which villain from the series re-appears in the tie-in comic "Those Left Behind"?
A.) Jubal Early
B.) Lawrence Dobson
C.) Saffron
D.) Adelei Niska

1. C 2. A 3. D 4. A 5. B 6. D 7. A 8. C 9. D 10. B 11. A 12. D 13. C 14. A 15. B


0-4 Correct: You probably have NEVER SEEN FIREFLY! Don't feel bad, because there's a first time for everything. It's okay, because the show and movie are both on Netflix right now! We'll wait!

5-8 Correct: You are a very respectable ORANGE HAT WITH EAR FLAPS! You keep peoples' heads warm, especially when their grandmas send you as a birthday present. You may not know everything there is to know about the world, but you've seen a fair few things perched atop the cranium of guns for hire.

9-12 Correct: You are a creepily cunning ALLIANCE OPERATIVE! You may not know everything that is going on with the Firefly crew, but your general knowledge of the universe and makes you a force to be reckoned with. Most folks know to stay out of your way, because you have the tendency to heartlessly murder main cast members of cult sci-fi shows.

13-15 Correct:
You are a BROWNCOAT EXTRAORDINAIRE! Your knowledge of the Firefly universe is exceeded only by your good looks and endless charm. If anyone ever calls into question your Firefly fandom, you can simply put them in their place by citing the square footage of Serenity's storage bay, and demonstrating your ability to reassemble the engine of a Firefly with your eyes closed. Well done!

How did you score?

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