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9 Internet Easter Eggs to Brighten Up Your Day

9 Internet Easter Eggs to Brighten Up Your Day

Hey, it's us. We heard that you're not having a great day and all, and we're really sorry about that. We thought maybe we'd come by and give you this basket to make you feel better. Why do we think this basket will make you feel better?

Because it's a basket of Internet Easter Eggs! Yayhoo!

The Best 404 File Not Found Error Page ever. If you go to, a sort of miniature Reddit for uber-geeks, and you go to a page that doesn't exist, you'll get to play one of the first computer games ever—Zork, a text adventure from the '70s. You're welcome!

Gort! Klaatu barada nikto! These words from the climax of The Day the Earth Stood Still appear on the top of any Firefox browser if you type in 'about:robots' in the address bar. In the browser window, you're treated to this little spoof of Asimov's Laws of Robotics:

We're not really sure which is nerdier—playing Zork on a 404 error page or googling robots.

Meet the Google Streetview team. Go to Google Maps, type in Google Headquarters and then drag that little guy that makes you select 'Google Streetview' and you'll find the Googleplex lawn full of the team that designed the program. You know what else? If you Google Maps the White House, you'll find Larry Page standing on the President's throat. Just a friendly reminder from your friendly friends at Google. (That second part may or may not be true.)

Speaking of Google... If you have Google Earth downloaded (it's free), you can use it to fly around the world in an F-16. Just press ctrl+alt+a and live out your childhood fantasy.

Google Translate beatboxes. Do they have nothing else to do at Google except freaking awesome stuff? If you go to Google Translate, select German to any other language and type in this exact nonsense: pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch.

Youtube does the Harlem Shake. Go to Youtube, type in 'do the harlem shake' and turn your volume down.

Hema gets Rube Goldberg on your rear. Do yourself a favor and go to It's a Dutch discount retail chain's site, kind of like If you go to this special page and roll your mouse over the cup, it falls over, starting a whole chain of retail item destruction. Why? We have no idea.

Wikipedia hides an Easter Egg in what else? The Easter Egg entry. Type in Easter Egg (media) or, you know, just click on our link, and click on the little hedgehog in the picture.

Also, the Wikipedia Mind Explosion. One of the weirdest Easter Eggs out there. Go to Wikipedia, hit 'random article' and click the first non-italicized word that has a link to it in the article. Keep doing this (unless the first non-italicized link is a language, like in 'science, from Latin scientia' you wouldn't want to click on Latin; you'd go the next one). You will always, always, always end up at 'philosophy.' Is that not the freakiest?

What's your favorite hidden gem on the internets?

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