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Ellen Page is Going to Play a Super Hero!

Ellen Page is Going to Play a Super Hero!

You heard us right! Not only is there finally going to be a comic book movie with a singular female protagonist (please... don't even say the "E" word), but it's going to star the supremely talented Ellen Page!

The comic book that is being movie-ized is the cult fave, Queen and Country. Page is in talks to play the protagonist, Tara Chase. The cool thing about Queen and Country is that it isn't just a comic book. The creator, Greg Rucka, has written dozens of comic books featuring Tara Chase, but also novels, the last one being 2010's The Last Run. So there's a ton of material to work from for this movie version.

With any luck, this will jumpstart a trend where we see a whole lot more females kicking some international, comic book-style butt!

What female comic book character do want to FINALLY see on the big screen?

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