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How To Geek Out Your Homecoming Dance!

How To Geek Out Your Homecoming Dance!

Get excited, Masterminds! Homecoming is upon us! If like us, you’re not content with Homecoming being a cookie-cutter affair and you’re giddy at the prospect of putting your own spin on the evening. From the venue, to the outfit, the accessories and beyond, we’ve dreamed up lots of different and awesome ways you can totally geek out your school’s homecoming dance. While you may not be able to finagle the Batmobile for the evening, there are ways to turn up and rock your geek chic style. Let’s get crazy!


Whether your homecoming is being held in the school gym or somewhere off campus, there’s a lot of different ways you can add your own flair to the venue. Grab some friends and form a decorating committee. Brainstorm your own geek-tastic themes and do it up right. Awesome places to get geeky party supplies include Party City, ThinkGeek and Etsy. For the finishing touch, you can have tickets printed in two different languages—one geeky (Klingon? Elvish? L33t?) and one English.


There are lots of different places to get the perfect geeky homecoming outfit. You can always go the adventurous route, and cosplay as your favorite geek icon. Some of our favorite geeky outfits include Daenerys’ blue dress, Officer Uhura’s Skant Dress, The Tenth Doctor’s Pinstripe Suit (BYO Converse!) and Jon Snow’s Night’s Watch ensemble.

You could turn your boring old tux into the awesomeness that is The Blues Brothers’ outfits. Just add the hat, skinny tie and Wayfarer style Ray Bans (Harmonica optional). For the more reserved folks, there’s always the option of picking a regular outfit and accessorizing with a few key geeky pieces. Read on, Macduff!


Accessories are going to add the perfect finishing touch to your geeky homecoming ensemble. What sort of geeky accessories, you ask? How about a Star Wars boutinnere? Game of Thrones cufflinks? Or a Tardis clutch? For the more adventurous amongst you, there’s always custom Converse Batman (or Joker!) kicks for under your dress or tux (They also come in Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Riddler and Harley-Quinn if Bats and Mr. J aren’t your geeky speed). So get ready, get geeky and get ready to rock your Homecoming!

What awesomely geeky Homecoming outfit will you pick this year?

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