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5 Reasons Why The Deathly Hallows Was Disappointing

5 Reasons Why The Deathly Hallows Was Disappointing

One of our esteemed Sploggers has a REAL problem with the final Harry Potter book. Let it be known that the opinions of this writer are not NECESSARILY the opinions of The MindHut. Keep that in mind as you take aim with your Bernie Botts Every Flavor Bean-loaded slingshots!

Okay, okay. I recognize that you probably already have your wands at the ready for a rather unpleasant "avada kedavra," but bear with me while I explain why Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was not only a rather disappointing final entry in the Harry Potter saga, but also arguably the weakest book in the entire series. This isn't to say that it's the worst book ever written, but it had more problems than any other in the series. Without further ado:

1. The pacing was inconsistent. Previous Harry Potter novels always seemed to move quickly and hundreds of pages would go by without even realizing that you'd gone through so much story. This is definitely a strength of the series, but it is all a thing of the past with the Deathly Hallows, which seems to skip over important scenes rather quickly and linger forever on completely arbitrary moments.

2. "Harry and friends go camping!" There's a whole two hundred page-or-so section of the novel where Harry, Hermione, and Ron essentially spend the time just camping out and chillin' in the woods. It feels like the beginning to a Friday the 13th movie rather than the middle act of an epic fantasy finale, and that's without all the payoff of gruesome horror.

3. Completely nonsensical body count. It seems like there's a point where Ms. Rowling just decided that the more people who die in the story, the better it is. Some of the deaths make a lot of sense, and definitely bring gravitas to the finale (Fred Weasley springs to mind), but others just seemed... pointless. Why the heck did Hedwig get a-sploded?

4. Draco's "redemption" felt a bit underwhelming. All this build up to Draco turning from mean ol' bad guy to actually not being so bad after all seemed like a great character moment, but came across as an afterthought without much to it in the novel. This is a character that has been shown as a complete d-bag for the entire series, and he gets what feels like a couple paragraphs to decide not to be such a jerk anymore.

5. Character deaths that do no respect to the quality of characters. My biggest problem of all when it comes to the Deathly Hallows isn't actually about who dies, but how they die. Remus Lupin and Mad-Eye Moody, two of the most interesting and completely awesome characters in the entire series, don't even die "on-screen," as it were. You don't even get to see them die! There's no build up, no tension, no pay off---just a corpse we're told about after the fact. Seems like a completely cheap way to deal with such important figures in the Potterverse, and ultimately leaves the novel feeling unsatisfying.

Okay. Let him have it. Why is he wrong?

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