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Arcade Fire's New Interactive Music Video Is Wow-Ka-Chow!

Arcade Fire's New Interactive Music Video Is Wow-Ka-Chow!

If you haven't heard of Arcade Fire, one of the most acclaimed bands in indie rock who hail from the land to the north that gave us Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, and JuBiebs, then you are a sad cookie. Arcade Fire is not only famous for their great studio albums (the last two of which were recorded in a church they bought just for the giant organ) and their amazing live shows (using every instrument from a glockenspiel to a hurdy-freaking-gurdy), but for the way they're always trying new things.

Take a look at the new interactive music video for their single, Reflektor. Besides being in an awesome evolved style from what they've done in the past, the music video (designed by the people at Google and directed by Vincent Morisset) uses your webcam and your input to create a really interesting experience.

It starts off with you moving your mouse (or finger, or whatever) to reveal different parts of the screen, and then there's this part where the main actress in the music video is dancing and there's lights coming off of her and you're moving the lights and blahhh. Anyway, all of that's cool, but then this guy with a mirror comes up and YOU'RE IN THE MIRROR.

And you can, like us, just stare awkwardly at yourself for half a minute, or you could dance it up.

Either way. Cool video, awesome song, and in case you're still not sold, we're going to give you this tidbit: David Bowie provided some of the backing vocals for this song. Uh-huh. Yeah. Check it out.

What's your favorite video of the year so far?

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