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Quiz: Are You Old or New WHO?

Quiz: Are You Old or New WHO?

If science has proven nothing else it’s that, if you're a Whovian, you fall into one of two camps: those who prefer the CLASSIC Doctor Who and those who dig the new series. During our research at The Mindhut Institute for Whovian Studies (MIFWS!), we’ve developed an exacting test that determines your true Whovian category. Ready to reveal your true Whovian standing, Masterminds? GERONIMO!

As the Doctor, you’re in need of a new companion. Who do you pick?

A)  A sassy redhead who has some weird obsession with you being 12 years late.

B)   A certifiable genius with a quirky fashion sense that could kill a computer with her mind.

C)   A kind-hearted chav with an overbearing mother and idiot boyfriend.

D)  A weird Scottish guy in a kilt.

Your companion likes to wear:

A)  Kiss-o-gram outfits

B)   Go-go boots

C)   Hoodies

D)  A cool black jacket with patches, to go with her latest weapon of choice.

One of your weirdest adventures involved:

A)  A Bad Wolf

B)   Meeting your companion as an infant

C)   The time you were imprisoned inside Area 51

D)  Your mission to Space Station Chimera

Your favorite accessory?

A)  Converse sneakers.

B)   Celery.

C)   Bow ties.

D)  An umbrella with a question mark handle.

Favorite Snack?

A)  Macaroons

B)   Jelly Babies

C)   Fish fingers and custard

D)  Jammie Dodgers

A trait unique to your Doctor?

A)  Dances like a spaz

B)   Tendency to be a smartass

C)   (Donna) Noble Defender

D)  Loves to sport an unusually long scarf

You’ve been known to say:

A)  Geronimo!

B)   Now listen to me!

C)   Allons-y!

D)  Oh, my giddy aunt!

Cause of your regeneration:

A)  Massive dose of radiation.

B)   A sabotaged satellite dish

C)   Absorbed the energies of the Time Vortex.

D)  Complications during surgery after you were shot.


MOSTLY Bs and/or Ds:

You’re firmly in the CLASSIC WHO camp. You don’t need no stinkin’ color TV to get your Whovian geek on. You love Bessie, K-9, Sarah Jane, Jamie, and the whole CLASSIC WHO gang. What’s more exciting than watching the Third Doctor swordfight with The Master? NOTHING!

MOSTLY As and/or Cs:

You’re NEW WHO, through and through! You love the current generation(s) of The Doctor better than anything in the Whoniverse. Who needs some stupid mechanical dog when you’ve got Doctors Nine through Eleven, Donna, Rose, Amy, Rory, Clara and more awesome adventures than you can shake a sonic screwdriver at! Fish fingers and custard for everyone!

What’s your favorite thing about being a Whovian?

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