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Amazing Cosplay on the SUPER Cheap


Leela from Futurama

Leela is another kickass sci-fi chick that also happens to have a really simple costume. If you’re a relatively fit female, all you need is a white tank top, dark pants and boots, and to make your own wristband that looks like her gadget thingy. To complete the look, dye your hair purple! We can’t figure out what the heck you should do to make it look like you’ve only got one eye, though. Unless you are already a cyclops, in which case your problems are solved!

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Matt Heckler is a writer, book critic, musician, movie nerd, sci-fi aficionado, and awesome beard haver from Chicago. When he isn't writing for The MindHut, he is drinking tasty beverages and working on his first novel. Follow him on Twitter @androiddreamer!

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