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Who Would Win: Iron Man vs. Batman

Who Would Win: Iron Man vs. Batman

Everyone loves a good theoretical battle, right? Well, we have got a big one for you! What if the Avengers' own Iron Man faced off against the Caped Crusader himself, Batman? Sure, they exist in two entirely different fictional universes, and DC and Marvel coming together for anything is an extremely rare occurrence, but it's FUN TO WONDER! DON'T TELL US IT ISN'T!

Why these two?: Iron Man and Batman both represent the "mind over matter" heroes of their respective comic book universes. Neither of them have super powers to speak of, and rely primarily on their extremely high intellect to build gadgets to help them defeat their enemies. Sure, the technology verges on the darn near impossible, but the cool factor totally balances out any problems with the realism!

Why Iron Man would win: Iron Man has one huge advantage over Batman when it comes to a one-on-one match-up: his suit. The fact is that Iron Man's suit is way more powerful than anything Batman carries around in that utility belt of his, and one or two good blasts from his hand cannons could potentially reduce Gotham's favorite son to little more than a pile of mush. This is especially true if Batman's plane, car, bike, and other fancy vehicles aren't nearby. Somehow we don't think a batarang will do much against all that metal.

Why Batman would win: The thing is, Batman has a contingency plan for EVERYTHING. If Batman knew Iron Man was his next opponent, and thus had time to plan ahead, he would no doubt figure out a way to win. That's just what he does! If Batman could manage to somehow disable Iron Man's power suit, it would be extremely one-sided. Tony Stark entirely relies on his suit for firepower, and doesn't have any of the martial arts and general hand-to-hand combat training that Batman does. There's no chance if Iron Man isn't wearing his fancy costume, so it all boils down to whether or not Batman finds away to get Tony out of his metal pajamas!

Who do you think would win in this battle of the brainy?

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