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Get Your Doctor Who Fix With "The Daily Dalek"

There are a lot of classic villains in the British science fiction TV show Doctor Who, but none more memorable than the Doctor’s ultimate foes: the Daleks! While there’s always been a slightly comical element around these characters (it's been said they resemble trash cans on wheels), we can never forget how deadly they are for long as they try to conquer Earth or kill the Doctor.

This interesting combination is one of the reasons why Doctor Who fan and British cartoonist Anthony Naylor decided to challenge himself to draw 365 days of situation cartoons featuring the Doctor's oldest nemesis. These cartoons became a webcomic called “The Daily Dalek.” Using a variety of cartoon styles, he puts the Daleks in funny situations (like this cartoon of a Dalek cosplaying as the TARDIS!) or combines them with other elements of pop culture for hilarious results!

Illustration credit: Anthony Naylor/The Daily Dalek

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