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Sci-Fi Characters That Should Be Broke Bad

As some of you probably know, the disturbingly brilliant (or is it brilliantly disturbing?) show Breaking Bad is coming to an end, and we felt that after entertaining us for five seasons it’d only be right to commemorate the show in some fashion. But how? Smoke meth? No, too illegal. Smash some guy’s head in with an ATM machine? Nah, too much work. Poison a little kid? Mmmm, we’d probably upset some parents. For a moment there, it felt like this would be an impossible task to accomplish.

But then a light bulb went off. The name of the show comes from the main character, Walter White, diverting from the path of decency (i.e. being a high school chemistry teacher) and pursuing a life of evil (cooking and distributing meth, among other dark and devious things). Walter White broke bad. That got us thinking, what are some Sci-Fi characters we all know and love who may have missed a big opportunity to break bad?

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