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Sci-Fi Characters That Should Be Broke Bad

Marty McFly

Yes we know, it’s hard to imagine sweet and innocent Marty changing his ways from a time-travelling bully stopper and going rogue. However, at one point the same could once be said for old Walter White, and look how that turned out. And besides, remember in part two when Marty tried to sneak the sports almanac from the future into the Delorean only to have Doc Brown lecture him on time travel ethics? Well, suppose Marty didn’t care much for Doc’s soap box speechin’. Suppose Marty wanted to help out Marty for a change? Would that be so bad? Imagine Marty with a giant evil empire at his command that would utterly dwarf the one Biff creates later in part two. How could you not want to see that?! What’s a matter, ya chicken?

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