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Sci-Fi Characters That Should Be Broke Bad


If anyone deserves to break bad, it’s Detroit’s greatest human/cyborg  police officer. In the BB version, Robocop would assess that Detroit is pretty much done for as a civilized town, so he takes over the company that created him, enslaves the workers and forces them to make fifty more robocops. And then he and his robocop army would take over the city of Detroit and let the good times roll (cue the most epic montage ever).

Tags: slideshows, back to the future, robocop, breaking bad, et, sci fi characters

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Randy Walker is a writer. His mother finds his writing hilarious, his father wonders where he went wrong. Randy recently moved to New Orleans where he now performs standup comedy and improv. He is currently working on several short stories that may or may not include a pirate named Scruffy.

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