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Sci-Fi Characters That Should Be Broke Bad


Look, we know the agents are a bunch of jerks, but isn’t it pretty clear by the end of the first movie that they really can’t hurt Neo? If that’s the case, why bother starting a revolution to save mankind when you can just replace the top man in the system with yourself? Neo breaks bad and forces the agents to bow to his command, and then becomes the king of fake earth, which, incidentally, is now half populated with that girl in the red dress. Déjà vu all day baby.

Tags: slideshows, back to the future, robocop, breaking bad, et, sci fi characters

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Randy Walker

Randy Walker is a writer. His mother finds his writing hilarious, his father wonders where he went wrong. Randy recently moved to New Orleans where he now performs standup comedy and improv. He is currently working on several short stories that may or may not include a pirate named Scruffy.

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