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Sci-Fi Characters That Should Be Broke Bad


Wall-E is some kind of chump. Even after everybody on the planet is either dead or absent, he still spends each minute of every day cleaning up their trash. We get that that was what he was programmed to do, but at a certain point it’s like GROW A BACKBONE DUDE. We say, to heck with taking care of everyone else’s junk, and start worrying about yourself. For example, you got all the resources in the world at your disposal. Why not use all that to create a lavish palace for yourself. One with five stories and a killer balcony with a view of the…uh, post apocalyptic world. That way, if some robot cutie from space should come visit, you can invite her in for a drink, or whatever is robots do, and she’ll be thinking to herself “man, this guy has his life together. That is so rare in this…post apocalyptic world of death.” Now that’s romance.

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Randy Walker is a writer. His mother finds his writing hilarious, his father wonders where he went wrong. Randy recently moved to New Orleans where he now performs standup comedy and improv. He is currently working on several short stories that may or may not include a pirate named Scruffy.

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