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These Babies Can Sing!

These Babies Can Sing!

Amazingly some babies are more than just insanely adorable poop machines. Indeed, a precious few possess the gift of song and can use their voices for more than just annoying everyone on the plane. So listen up because these babies demand your attention, they're singing their tiny little hearts out just for you!

1. Pearl Jam Baby!

Maybe this mush-mouthed little rugrat hasn't developed the ability to articulate properly yet, but hey, she's just two years old! About the only thing we could do at that age was drool on the carpet. To our credit though, when it came to carpet drooling, we were total champs.

2. Elisabetta: "The Cutest Hard Rock Singer EVER!"

Although her title is a tough one to live up to, she does not disappoint. Elisabetta, is quite the little head banger, which is impressive considering her skull isn't fully hardened yet.

3. Kai, the Bruno Mars Singing Baby Wonder!

Maybe Kai can't hit those high notes with the same proficiency as Bruno Mars, but what he lacks in vocal prowess he more than makes up for with unbridled, baby passion!

4. The Littlest Monster sings "Born This Way"!

When this three year old says that she was "born this way", she knows what she's talking about, because she's probably still old enough to remember her birth. Pay special attention to how she works that shoulder action, there's no doubt about it, this lil' tyke is a superstar!

5. Baby sings "Baby"

Mark our words, this little youngster is going to rule the airwaves one day, his level of commitment is just insane. He's got the moves, he's got the voice, the determination and the drive, but the one thing he doesn't have? All of his teeth.

Did we miss any cuties?

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