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15 Amazing Movies... That Were Never Made!

The "Real" Alien 3

David Fincher is one of the finest directors in film today, but his debut Alien 3 was nearly destroyed by overly ambitious CGI effects that did not deliver, and a plot that just could not hold a candle to James Cameron's previous Aliens film in terms of its epic scope. The film as originally devised, however, would have featured a plot in which its heroine, Ripley, crash lands on a futuristic planet Earth as it's invaded by an army of the acid spitting alien creatures, and would have been way more kick-ass than Fincher's eventual version of Alien 3, which basically re-hashed the original Alien in the environment of an interstellar prison colony. What went wrong? The money. Fincher was only granted a third of the moolah he needed to make his vision of the film, and consequently was forced to make numerous concessions that wound up giving us the mediocre (at best) Aliens 3.

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