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15 Amazing Movies... That Were Never Made!


So try this on for size: an alien race, not unlike the ones we see in Aliens, evolve into enormous flying aliens that shoot vehicles the size of the Enterprise down with eye lasers and spew clouds of poison, are engaged in a war with humanity, who fight back with mechanized warriors hundreds of feet tall, not unlike the bots in Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim. And both of them are also at war with an even more advanced alien race that that's so ahead of humanity that we look like mere insects in comparison. That's the basic gist of StarCraft, the wildly successful PC game that became one of the first major video game properties to sell nearly ten million copies. Unfortunately, the film's funding was cut at the last minute, probably due to the fact that no video game based films had succeeded up to that point, and producers couldn't justify the hefty price tag involved. But had they taken the risk, we very well could have had a series of films on par with the Star Wars universe.

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