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15 Amazing Movies... That Were Never Made!

The Matrix Prequel and Sequel (the way it was MEANT to be)

Sure, the Matrix films were always intended to be a trilogy, just not the one we got with one stellar opener and the two clunkers that closed out the series. The original set of films was to include a prequel and only one sequel to the first installment. The prequel was to cover the robots' rise to power and eventual enslavement of humanity; and the two crappy sequels we did end up seeing in the theaters were to be sandwiched together into one film. This would have been a gazillion times better than the final product, because the subsequent sequels were overly long, convoluted and basically could have been condensed without sacrificing much at all, and how awesome would it have been to see how the world of the Matrix came to be? What happened? Well, the prequel naturally had no way to work star Keanu Reeves into the movie, and without the first film's established star involved, the studios refused to take a gamble.

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