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15 Amazing Movies... That Were Never Made!

Darren Aronovsky & Frank Miller's Year One

Ok, don't get us wrong, Christopher Nolan's BatMan Trilogy is about as close to perfection as a comic movie can get, but the team up of gritty indie director Darren Aronovsky with the legendary comic book scribe Frank Miller surely would have yielded equally amazing results. In fact, it would have been hard to screw up, because Frank Miller's source material is unimpeachably awesome.

Miller's 1987 graphic novel upon which the film was based was groundbreaking and marked the first time that the character of Batman was handled in the gritty, realistic style that would later serve as the loose blue-print for Nolan's films. Alas, the studios never allowed the project to get off the ground, fearing that the duos' vision for Batman was too edgy. Of course, that decision doesn't make a lick of sense in hindsight, considering how relentlessly dark Nolan's films were.

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