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15 Amazing Movies... That Were Never Made!

Arthur C. Clarke's Redezvous With Rama

Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey is widely considered to be the greatest sci-fi film of all time, and it instantly transformed its author Arthur C. Clarke into sci-fi royalty, so news that Fight Club director David Fincher was to take on another of Clarke's masterworks was a revelation to sci-fi geeks everywhere. The story concerned a mysterious thirty mile long cylinder on a crash course to Earth that suddenly appears out of nowhere, and the story was told in Clarke's distinctive metaphysical-meets-the-futuristic style. Why wasn't it made??? MONEY. Investors just felt its artistically ponderous style would not go over big in the age of movies like The Transformers. Damn you, Michael Bay, why must you ruin everything??!

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