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15 Amazing Movies... That Were Never Made!

A Confederacy of Dunces

The hysterical John Kennedy Toole novel A Confederacy of Dunces is another sad story of a film whose production has been thwarted at every turn by disaster. Get this: comedy legend John Belushi was set to play the film's anti-hero Ignatius J. Reilly, but his life was sadly cut short before filming. Then several years later, actor John Candy was set to play the role, THEN HE DIED, and after that, comedian Chris Farely was set to take on the role, but then HE DIED… Most recently Will Ferrel (more than likely in a fat-suit) was set to play the role in a production directed by Pineapple Express director David Gordon Greene, but the film was abandoned because filmmakers realized producers' demands would have compromised the quality of the film… The only fortunate thing in all of this is that Ferrel didn't die in the process of getting this film to the screen.

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