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Greatest Telekinesis Prank EVAR.

Greatest Telekinesis Prank EVAR.

Misher Films

We'll be honest here... we had no idea that this video was a viral ad for the upcoming remake of Carrie until the very end. And that is a testament to the AWESOME-INITY contained in the two minutes and twenty seconds of this clip. The lengths that people will go nowadays to scare poor, unsuspecting pedestrians has gotten more and more extreme. And now, here we are, rebuilding entire coffee shops, rigging them with pulleys and magnets, just to elicit a scream or two. And to promote a movie.

You NEED to see this.

Gotta hand it to them. If we didn't want to see Carrie before, we do now! Which works out well for us, since it's coming out next week on the 18th.

What is the most intense prank you've ever seen in person?

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