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Stormtroopers Get Colorful For Art Wars Exhibit

Bran Symondson


These are the Stormtroopers you’ve been looking for! While the Star Wars soldiers are known for their iconic white armor, that image is getting a makeover in a new art exhibit in London. Ben Moore, founder of Art Below, teamed up with the Missing People Charity and Andrew Ainsworth, the creator of the original Stormtrooper, for an exhibition called Art Wars. A variety of artists were invited to transform the helmets, which used Ainsworth’s original Stormtrooper helmet moulds from the first Star Wars movie, into works of art and the results are amazing!

The exhibit will be on display at the Strarta Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery in London this month but you can check out some of the awesome creations right here!

Acrylic Capped ABS Storm Trooper head painted by David Bailey. ©David Bailey 2013. Signed by David Bailey and Andrew Ainsworth.

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