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20 Scientific Errors in Gravity

"Sunday Drive"

The movie: Kowalsky and Stone make their way from the wreck of the Explorer to the ISS, and then Stone carries on from the ISS to the Tiangong. Kowalsky describes their makeshift travels as a "Sunday drive."

Real life: This is really the most enormous and distracting error in the whole movie. Again: SPACE. IS. BIG. Not only would the ISS be too far away to reach with a jetpack, it would not even be in the line of sight of the Hubble. And the Tiangong and the ISS? Forget about it. The premise of using different spacecraft as stepping stones is admittedly thrilling, but totally unrealistic given the many complex factors involved. Even if for some inconceivable reason, the distance could be bridged, Kowalsky and Stone would have to take into account the different altitudes, inclinations, and velocities of each craft, compared with their own relative positions. Impossible! (Except in a fun science fiction film.)

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