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20 Scientific Errors in Gravity

The Orbital Acrobatics

The movie: Kowalsky and Stone grab onto spaceships one-handed as they whiz by, and Stone even manages to keep her grip on the Shenzhou airlock as it forcefully opens.

Real life: Pressurized space gloves don't allow for a lot of prehensile mobility, and they certainly don't excel when it comes to grip (thus the need for tethers and SAFERs). They also kind of suck at heat retention: not only would the astronauts' have butterfingers, they'd have cold butterfingers, prone to stiffness and fatigue. When you factor in the high speed that they hit the spaceship, it's clear that even if they did get a grip, they'd promptly dislocate a shoulder socket or fracture an elbow. Yet another strike against inter-spacecraft trapeze jumps.

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