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20 Scientific Errors in Gravity

Clooney's Weird Death

The movie: When the pair get to the ISS, they bounce down the side until Stone gets her foot caught in the backup Soyuz's parachute wires. Kowalsky is still connected to Stone by a tether, but he unclips himself to save her, and floats off into the void.

Real life: Wow. Is there an Oscar for Most Unnecessary Death? Because lemme tell ya, this one's a shoe-in. At this point, the two astronauts' velocities relative to the ISS was zero — thanks to that parachute wire, they had really parked there. So literally all Stone had to do was tug Kowalsky over to her, and they both could have found a temporary haven in the ship. We hope Kowalsky didn't realize that as he drifted off. Talk about kicking yourself!

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