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20 Scientific Errors in Gravity

Re-Entry? Real Easy

The movie: Stone hops into the Shenzhou, manages to figure out how it works, and then re-enters Earth's atmosphere spinning around like crazy.

Real life: Re-entering the atmosphere isn't something you prepare for by crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. It is an extremely complex procedure that's matched only by launch in terms of potential dangers. Many astronauts have died during this stage over the tiniest malfunctions, and unlike Stone, they were actually trained to know how to fly the darn things! Stone's capsule is as out-of-control as Darth Vader's Tie-Fighter after Han blasts it into space. Not only is it recklessly rotating as it hits the skies, she hasn't even had the time to adjust it's re-entry angle. Too shallow, and she'll skip back into space. Too deep, and she'll burn up. Needless to say, the movie throws her a bone, but the real world would not have been so forgiving.

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