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20 Scientific Errors in Gravity

Life in Space

The movie: At the beginning of the movie, we're informed that there is no oxygen or air pressure in orbit, and that life in space is impossible.

Real life: First of all, space is not a perfect vacuum and the occasional oxygen molecule can be found floating around up there. Nitpicky, but you shouldn't have come to this slideshow if you didn't want some premium quibbling.

More importantly, however, life in space is possible. In fact, civilian settlement of outer space is our only option for the longterm survival of our species. Obviously, we can't just go up there in T-shirts and shorts — we are, after all, very fragile meat-bags. But the Earth is not going to take care of us forever, especially if we keep insisting on punching it in the belly with our extravagant lifestyle. There's always the option of building large space environments like the one in Elysium, but we can also work on adapting ourselves for outer space as well. Check out this article for more info on becoming a space-faring cyborg, and let us know what you thought of Gravity in the comments!

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