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20 Scientific Errors in Gravity

The Vomitron

The movie: Stone is feeling sick before the debris hits the Explorer, so much so that her vitals are beginning to concern the ground crew. Then, she is sent spinning into the ether after the craft is struck, but she shakes it off.

Real life: Yeaaaaah, no. Even a perfectly healthy person could not have retained consciousness — or their lunch — in such insane conditions. Pictured here is the 20G centrifuge housed at the NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. Astronauts are often trained in it, as a way of getting used to the conditions of space. But no centrifuge could have prepared Stone's body for that dizzying onslaught of disoriented spinning. She'd have either barfed in her helmet and then passed out, or, if she was really lucky, passed out and then barfed.

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