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Sean Connery's Last Film Role is the WORST THING EVER

Sean Connery's Last Film Role is the WORST THING EVER

With an acting career spanning nearly six decades, we don't blame Sir Sean Connery for bowing out of the spotlight and into retirement's golden years. Though the decision to do so after lending his vocals to the titular character in Sir Billi—an animated feature from Scotland and panned by critics everywhere—left fans wondering if senility is beginning to kick in. (—Ed. I am really upset about this video, you guys. Seriously, I'm super angry about it.) Read on and see YouTube user Monster Milk's four-minute montage from Connery's cinematic swan song (or kookaburra-gagging-on-pudding song to be precise).

@0:01 Get it? Because Sean Connery was James Bond. Get it? ...Hello?

@0:14 And 95% of those animals are exotic big cats confiscated from tobacco-chewing hillbillies.

@0:38 Scottish Deliverance.

@0:44 What goes on at McDonald's Corporation slaughter houses.

@1:05 If we were sitting in the theater, we'd take that as our sign to leave.

@1:06 Why is the goat thing sashaying into the room... and dressed like Bruce Lee in Game of Death?

@1:11 And it pees where it pleases apparently. Nice. Real nice...

@1:18 Oh, like you don't struggle with incontinence, Sir Billie!

@1:25 Those are the same exact lines Sean Connery uses to pick up women.

@1:31 And that's usually their response.

@1:34 Whoa! Racist! Whoa!

@3:06 You know you've lost your mind when you're singing lullabies to semi-aquatic rodents.

@3:41 Best part of the whole movie in our humble opinion.

@3:52 So... Sir Billi and goat thing had that kind of relationship.

@4:16 This is supposed to be a family-friendly film, right? (And was that Chris Rock?)

@4:33 Hahahahahahahahaha!

What's the worst animated movie you've ever seen?

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