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The Ultimate Horror Movie Quiz!

The Ultimate Horror Movie Quiz!

How well do you know your scary movies? Think you're a grade-A horror student? Then test both your nerves and your knowledge of horror movies and go up against our Ultimate Horror Movie Quiz! Bigger than Michael Myers, tougher than Freddy’s glove, and scarier than a phone call from Ghostface! Let’s see where you sit amongst the Horror Movie Quiz Champions.

 1. Who is the killer in Friday The 13th?

A) Jason Voorhees

B) Alice Hardy

C) Pamela Voorhees

D) Ned Rubinstein


2. Halloween H20 features a cast member from Psycho. Who is it?

A) Anthony Perkins

B) Jamie Lee Curtis

C) Norman Bates

D) Janet Leigh


3. What are the police officer’s names in Freddy Vs. Jason?

A) Officer Franco & Officer Rogan

B) Officer Garcia & Officer Page

C) Officer Reznor & Officer Cobain

D) Officer Cyrus & Officer Duff


4. What snack is Tallahassee searching for in Zombieland?

A) Ho-Hos

B) Sno Balls

C) Snickers

D) Twinkies


5. What is the name of the motel in Psycho?

A) Bel Air Motel

B) Slumberland

C) Bates Motel

D) Crave Inn


6. Name the radio station Glen listens to in A Nightmare On Elm Street






7. Halloween primarily takes place in which state?

A) Ohio

B) Indiana

C) California

D) Illinois


8. The characters in this horror movie are seen watching Shaun of The Dead. Name the movie.

A) Zombieland

B) Final Destination

C) Halloween H20

D) Scream 4


9. What is the name of the serial killer at the start of Child’s Play?

A) The Lakeshore Strangler

B) The Lincoln Park Loon

C) The North Shore Killer

D) The South Side Psycho


 10. What is the name of the hotel in The Shining?

A) The Majestic

B) The Lenox

C) The Sierra

D) The Overlook


11. Who directed Saw?

A) Robert Rodriguez

B) Eli Roth

C) James Wan

D) Quentin Tarantino


12. What is the name of Ripley’s cat in Alien?

A) Mr Boots

B) Garfield

C) Jonesy

D) Orion


13. Ghostface’s mask in Scream is based on a painting by which famous artist?

A) Édouard Manet

B) Andy Warhol

C) Edvard Munch

D) Claude Monet


14. The Ring is originally based on a 1998 horror movie from which country?

A) Ireland

B) Japan

C) Australia

D) Indonesia


15. How many Friday The 13th movies are there?

A) 7

B) 12

C) 9

D) 5


16. What is the name of the main protagonist in Night of The Living Dead?

A) Billy

B) Steve

C) Freddy

D) Ben


17. In A Nightmare On Elm Street, Nancy runs up a flight of squishy stairs. What substance did the special effects crew use to make them look squishy?

A) Glue

B) Pudding

C) Bisquick

D) Oatmeal


18. Before becoming a director, Wes Craven was originally a

A) Fireman

B) Mechanic

C) College Professor

D) Architect


19. What is the name of the electronics store Shaun works at in Shaun Of The Dead?

A) Kruger

B) Best Buy

C) Foree

D) Target


20. Kevin Williamson was inspired to write Scream after watching a documentary about which real-life serial killer?

A) Ted Bundy

B) The Gainesville Ripper

C) Charles Manson

D) The Boston Strangler



1C, 2D, 3C, 4D, 5C, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9A, 10D, 11C, 12C, 13C, 14B, 15B, 16D, 17C, 18C, 19C, 20B



Oh, dear. Clearly you’ve been spending too much time not learning the rules of horror movies. We suggest giving a few of the classics a serious re-watch (or a first watch) to ensure you don’t wind up at the pointy end of Freddy's glove or Ghostface’s knife.


You’re clearly not a horror movie expert, but you’re not totally clueless, either. We’d suggest a studious reviewing of the rules and carrying your favorite lucky tchotchke to up your survivor factor.


You’ve seen these movies more times than you’d care to count and you know the rules better than you know your ABCs. You’re the only one of your friends who takes notes while watching your favorite scary movies. You’ve even devised a few devastatingly clever escape plans of your own, just in case you ever wind up in a nightmare situation…


You’re a solid gold legend, up there with Ripley, Sidney Prescott, Nancy Thompson and Laurie Strode. You known better than to say “I’ll be right back”. You don’t drink or do drugs, and you sure as heck aren’t going to be tricked by even the toughest horror trivia question. Stand proud, Mastermind – you’ll survive the most heinous horror movie, even if most of your friends don’t.

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