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Cosplay 101! Costume Dirt Is Like Regular Dirt, but Cleaner

By Janet Manley Oct 16, 2013

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Blind lenses are called blind lenses for a reason

As you get more into cosplay, you will probably experiment with more serious costumery. Most females find that wearing false eyelashes helps define their eyes and achieve a more exaggerated persona for comic characters.

You can also look at using contact lenses if you are after a more dramatic look. In the U.S., you need a doctor to sign off on your prescription, but if you order from overseas (try, you can get almost anything. But watch out! White contacts don't leave any ink-free areas for your pupil to see out of.

"They're called 'blind lenses' for a reason," explained the panel. So it turns out those zombies on the Walking Dead really are that blind.

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