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Xavier and Magneto Are Bro-ing Around Manhattan

Xavier and Magneto Are Bro-ing Around Manhattan

This is so cute, we could honestly die: Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart, the two grandest grande dudes of geekery ever born, spent a day cruising around New York City like best bros and documenting the whole thing on Twitter. The longtime friends went to Coney Island, wandered around Times Square, and took an elevator cruise to the tippy top of the Empire State Building, and what's more, THEY DID IT ALL IN MATCHING BOWLER HATS. YES WE ARE SHOUTING. BOWLER HATS. *DEAD*.

You might know Sir Patrick as Professor X of the first X-Men trilogy, or as Captain Picard of the starship Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation; Sir Ian, of course, is both X-Men's Magneto and Gandalf the Grey (or occasionally, the White) from the Lord of the Ring and Hobbit films. The two Brits have been in each other's orbit for a very, very long time—they originally met in the 1970s as members of England's Royal Shakespeare Company—but it wasn't until they shared the screen in X-Men that they became total forever besties, and they've been basically in love ever since.

Their friendship is infinitely entertaining to watch (just check out one of the many interviews in which they finish each other's sentences, it's adorable), so it's just our good luck that some smartypants publicist thought to harness the extraordinary bromantic powers of the Sirs to promote the pair of plays that they're doing in NYC this month. Even if theater isn't your thing, you cannot be immune to the charm of Professor X and Magneto cozying up for a souvenir sticker that says, "HOMIES FOREVER" on it. Plus, Sir Ian's fashion sense is incredible; who knew that Gandalf was hiding such glamour under that flowing white robe?

via WNYC

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