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20 Badly Miscast Actors in Sci-Fi & Fantasy

We frickin’ love sci-fi and fantasy in movies and TV. Whether it’s super sci-fi like Prometheus or a comic book adaptation like X-Men, there’s something to be said about lasers and aliens and all that fun stuff coming to life on screen. Sometimes, however, we’re gravely disappointed when a character we know and love is portrayed by an incapable actor or someone that is just not having the best performance of their career. This happens all too often, and we’ve come up with a list of the 20 most badly cast actors in science fiction and fantasy.

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Matt Heckler

Matt Heckler is a writer, book critic, musician, movie nerd, sci-fi aficionado, and awesome beard haver from Chicago. When he isn't writing for The MindHut, he is drinking tasty beverages and working on his first novel. Follow him on Twitter @androiddreamer!

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