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The History of Creepy Art in 10 Disturbing Pieces

Hello, poppets. If ye be bold enough to seek out pieces of fine art that will make your spine crawl, enter. We've brought examples of the odd, the perverse, the disturbed, the tormented, and warped—art that has the whiff of the nervous mutterings of dark abbots on a forgotten moor, of dead leaves blowing in a grey wind, of musty books with cracked spines and tattered pages whose arcane scribblings dangle eternal youth as bait but in the end offer only madness and despair.

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Tim Wainwright

Tim Wainwright writes about monsters, sexual ethics, and public sector employee pension reform--and sometimes other things. You can follow him on twitter @Tim_Wainwright , because he has a strange desire to have people read the things he writes. He is growing to accept the fact that people will always call him "bud", and that he will never pull off the cowboy hat look.

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