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Top 10 Imaginary Fantasy Worlds in All Literature


10. Oz

The merry old land of Oz as seen in the classic film The Wizard of Oz is actually not particularly close to the original novels. Yes, that’s right, novels, plural. The Oz of the books is a little bit bigger, weirder, and freakier than the classic movie. The series has fourteen books written by L. Frank Baum, with more written by other writers after his death. The more books, the merrier the Oz!

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Abbey Clarke is a writer and editorial assistant living in Jersey City. She's a player on a D&D podcast called Knife Errant, wrote her senior thesis on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and is working on a novel about a semi-reformed demon who runs a library. You can follow her on Twitter at @abbeybookaholic.

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